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i guess i’ll just keep drawing kurapikas until im good


i guess i’ll just keep drawing kurapikas until im good


 Favorite Characters Komugi // Hunter x Hunter  

Gungi is the only thing I can do. In other words,gungi is the reason I’m alive.But professional gungi players,even national champions,make but a pittance.Only after you become the world champion as representative for a nation you will receice any meaningful reward.In other words, you cannot lose a single match.I come from a family of twelve,and in our home,Im the breadwinner.If I lose a single match,I will become the greatest burden on my family.Gungi players have a saying…that,after losing once,a gungi master becomes a normal person.
If I lose,I’ll be garbage.So,the day I set my sights on becoming a professional player,I decided if I ever lost a match,I would take my on life.

Anonymous said: Do you think it's possible that Killua and Gon might become enemies? As sad as it makes me I feel like there has been some foreshadowing to it happening.



I like to think Togashi wouldn’t go there. I feel like, at worst, they’d simply become awkward acquaintances. You know. That best friend you had in like 4th grade, stopped talking to for whatever reason, and just never really met up with again. It’s possible they’d fall out of contact, into a realm of false indifference.


Killua and Gon are people who both feel very strongly, and passionately. They were really each other’s first loves — not even in a romantic sense, although it can be taken that way, but in the sense that they were the first people they ever came to love outside of their respective families. The love they have (had?) for each other is this pure, affectionate, filial thing that was really too big and too new and too much for two twelve/fourteen year old boys that just had a friend for the first time. It took its toll in both of them in different ways, what with Killua treating it like this fragile gift he might lose at any moment and Gon simply taking it for granted, come the Chimera Arc.

It was just not fit to exist in the time and world they found themselves in. They needed space and time apart. But to feel indifference to someone you love is a very difficult thing. It’s very likely that feelings of bitterness, confusion, and resentment could form between them. We don’t know if Gon ever apologized to Killua properly. That means Killua might not know that Gon is sorry for what he’s done, means he doesn’t know if Gon cares enough to bother. Gon definitely does not know why Killua went and called him “#2” (okay, he kind of does, if he’s aware of the stunts he’s pulled), but for a kid with abandonment issues, that’s not the right thing to say. Basically, another knock on his twisted view of self-worth, mirroring Gon’s blow to Killua’s throughout the Chimera Arc. They both have their separate issues and this relationship simply exacerbated them. In the end, they both really yearned for the feeling of being needed and wanted and took that and ran in separate directions. If something came down with someone like Alluka, for example, between them, I can see Gon and Killua on opposite sides.

I can definitely see love —> hate. 

I think it’s very possible. And it scares me.








drawing simple comics at 1am because Killua feelings everywhere




Whoever did this is going to prison

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You gotta feel for Palm. Even though she didn’t want it, she ends up becoming half chimera ant and a part of her feels a sense of loyalty to Meruem. She’s conflicted between her duty to both her species, as well as her own personality being put into the mix.

She was fighting both her reasoning’s at the same time, on one half Meruem is a divine being who stands above all other’s and is to be respected as such, on the other hand he is the embodiment of evil and a killing machine who needs to exterminated at all cost. Eventually she picks the best option. 

She’s also the only person that truly got to see Meruem and Komugi’s love for each other. She’s the only one to witness their final moments together and see her two species shattering the idea that they couldn’t co-exist. She witnesses them at their best and realizes she played a part in their death. Those weren’t just tears of sadness but joy as well. She got to witness her king die happily and the human girl he loved be there by his side till the end.

It’s fitting that the character that is always chasing after love and the one that is half human and half chimera ant got to see Meruem and Komugi define what pure love is. I swear this arc is amazing, Togashi is the greatest shounen mangaka of all time imo.